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Bam Nuttall - Rothera Pier Project - Bringing the Curriculum to Life

5 July 2022

BAM Nuttal Rothera Pier Curriculum Support

Name of Event: BAM Nuttall Rothera Pier project

Event Sector: Construction/Engineering

Event Background / Objectives: The aim of this project was to work with BAM to contextualize S3 technical learning by using BAM’s real life Rothera Pier project to teach CfE outcomes. BAM supplied Culloden Academy with a project outline and supporting documents which PT Pete Crossley developed into a lesson plan. Pupils learning was related to the world of work, applying their knowledge of Revit, Autodesk Homestyler, Serif and Sketchbook Pro software packages to a real world problem. This allowed them to produce preliminary promotional and production graphics.

Event Format: Pupils were introduced to the project with a Teams presentation from Graham Hopper, Project Director at BAM Nuttall. They learnt about engineering in extreme environments, problem solving around the issues this environment presents, and how to plan and develop a project. They then covered

- Planometrics

- 2D Sketching

- Colour theory

- 3D Modelling

- Interior design knowledge

- Sustainability and environmental awareness

Direct Impacts

17 S3 pupils took part (8m, 9f).

Quotes from pupils to come

“This was a really fun exercise to get involved in – the pupils had the chance to do a real-world project which gave their learning context, something that’s often hard to provide. The information BAM Nuttall provided was extremely in depth, helpful, and well organized for us to mold into lesson plans.

Pupil engagement was high throughout due to the variation of topics covered within the project. As a result of this, pupils attained highly throughout, showed enthusiasm and commitment to completing the project, and took pride in their completed work.” Pete Crossley, PT Technical.


This covered all of the main topic areas that need to be covered at N5 Graphic Communications – the material prepared pupils for S4, giving them a headstart for N5 work, and confidence in themselves that they are more than capable of achieving a N5 in Graphic Communication.

It gave context to materials that were already planned for teaching, integrating fully into planned delivery.

This will be run again for the new S3 class from Aug – Oct ’22.