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Careers Fair Success at Culloden Academy

21 June 2024

Summer Careers Fair still

Culloden Academy Summer Careers Fair

On Wednesday 12th June, we hosted 43 employers from 14 sectors attend Culloden Academy’s first whole school careers event.

They engaged in meaningful conversations about summer jobs, apprenticeships, career opportunities and work experience with over 700 students. The purpose of the event was to increase students’ awareness of different career paths, local opportunities, and how to gain employment after education. The variety of sectors ensured we covered a large swathe of options for our students, while each year group had a 50-minute block to go around all the stalls.

Prior to the event, students were provided with an information pack containing a floor map and list of employers. This was to ensure they could make sure they could target the stands they were most keen to speak to.

An opportunities board was also set up to advertise summer jobs and apprenticeships, and several employers sent vacancies to be included on the opportunities board.

Senior phase students were advised in advance to take along printed copies of their CVs, should they be looking for summer work.

We asked employers to bring an interactive activity to engage students, and they were advised that senior phases students may wish to apply for positions.

DYW School Coordinator for Culloden Academy, Soraya Macdonald, managed the event, bringing everyone together. She said, “It was a real delight and we’ve all got so much out of the experience. It was a really fun, and energetic morning with lots of smiling students, employers, and teachers!

“Our jobs board was a great addition. I’m so glad that employers took the opportunity to share their summer roles with the senior students as well as speak to them directly about the variety of roles available to them when they leave education and what they look for in candidates.

“Thank you to all the employers that came along and inspired our young people and thank you to all the Culloden Academy students who represented themselves and the school so well. The feedback I’ve received from both groups has been amazing.”

Here’s a short highlights video to give you an overview of the Careers Fair….

We have gathered some testimonials from employers and the students. Read a selection of them below, giving a feel for how valuable they found the event….

Some feedback from our employers

“A fantastic event which was very well communicated, organised and attended. It was really useful having the exhibitor list in advance to see who will be attending e.g. RGU and the University of Aberdeen will try to car share where possible and having this at a glance is helpful. The DYW co-ordinators I have met across Scotland are lovely, but it really felt that you all went further to give such a warm welcome. The event went perfectly so you should be delighted - one of my favourites in my 2.5 years in the role and a great one for my last careers event. Thank you again!” – RGU

“Really well organised event. Great to meet other DYW Co-ordinators from other schools.” – Highland Hospice

“Great turnout - busiest one yet!” – Gael Force Group

“The event was really good and well organised with really friendly DYW staff.” – Highlife Highland

“Thank you for inviting us to attend. I fully support the rationale of DYW and I'm happy to help where I can, and my force allows.” – Civil Nuclear Constabulary

“Great and well organised event.” – Morrison Construction

“This was a very worthwhile, well organised event. We enjoyed chatting with the pupils and hopefully inspired a few!” – UHI Beauty

“We thought the event was really good, having an ex-pupil from Culloden who had recently left was really beneficial and let his teachers and fellow pupils see what’s possible within our organisation” – Highland Council

“Loved how organised the event was, and the young people were so keen to get involved - brilliant!” – Calman Trust

Some feedback from our students

“It was really good there where stalls that you could walk around, lots of freebies and lots of friendly people that wanted to chat to you about the future there was some really good sport course that I didn’t know about this is opened my tiny little bran to a new world. I was thinking when I want was going to be a waste of time but no it was really good, and I would do it again I think the and going to chat to my mum and tell her that I really like the sport course for RGU”.

“It was great to learn about the variety of jobs and opportunities available. Would enjoy doing this again.”

“I liked the different jobs they were advertising as it was a wide range and helped me learn more about the different jobs”.

“Very good to hear about different career opportunities within Scotland from actual representation of employees.”

“I found out a lot of information and I now know where to look when I have more questions.”

“This event was very intriguing and interesting. I really enjoyed the Careers events, and it helped me think for my future job. I enjoyed learning about all the different jobs and how to get them. I'd love to do this again.”

“I loved this event as it included a large variety of stalls with different people which were amazing at explaining what they do for work and talking about the jobs that they were representing. There was even a stall with hot tea and coffee which in my opinion is so welcoming and comforting. Everyone was really friendly and some even gave out freebies such as keyrings, pens, highlighters sweets and books etc. I feel like this was really helpful for me personally as I don't have an idea for my future.”

“I really enjoyed learning about all of the different jobs and apprenticeship opportunities after school”.

“When I was in the fayre it made me feel like I had options and appealed to what I was good at, and it made me feel that I didn't have to stress about my future”.

“I got an opportunity for work experience in the summer that I’m going to follow up on. There was lots of different employers and unis there to provide information.”

Thank you for all the employers that got involved

Eden Court

Highland News & Media

Brodies LLP

Highland Council

Macleod & Macallum

Morgan Stanley


Calman Trust

Highland Hospice

Mikeys line

AJ Engineering & Construction Services

Gael Force

Highland Fencing & Barrier Contractors

Life Scan

Morrison Construction

Aberdeen University

Developing The Young Workforce

Glasgow Caledonian University

Robert Gordon University

Scotland’s Rural College

Skills Development Scotland

Virtual Learning Academy

UHI Inverness

Inverness & Cromarty Free Port

Nature Scot

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks Transmission

Adult Social Care (NHS)

Scottish Care

NHS Highland Volunteering

Podiatry (NHS)

Drumossie Hotel

Kingsmills Hotel


British Army

Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

Police Scotland

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Scottish Ambulance Service

Active Schools

Highlife Highland Leisure