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Painting with Light - Alness Academy

16 October 2023

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Case Study

In March 2023 Miss Rosie, Art and Tech teacher at Alness Academy approached the school’s DYW School Coordinator with a funding request for the DYWICH Innovation fund.

Miss Rosie wanted to start a photography club in response to pupil requests. There was a high level of interest ranging from S1 to S6 pupils, but they lacked equipment. Miss Rosie also wanted to engage with an industry professional to inspire the pupils and allow them to explore creative careers and learn new skills which they could then utilise to deliver peer to peer training. She also wanted to deliver interactive CPD sessions for teaching staff at the school after she had hosted the Painting with Light workshop.

Introducing a photography club and hosting a Painting with Light workshop was likely to have a positive impact for individual pupils, and the school community, in the following ways:

· Photography club could support learning in visual literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, and outdoor learning.

· Skills learned could help pupils work towards the four capacities, especially ‘confident individuals’ and ‘successful contributors’.

· Pupils would learn skills to improve their employability for local and national opportunities

· The upskilled pupils would benefit the school community by recording events such as sports games, performances, and prize giving. This could offer the opportunity for pupils to take part in events they wouldn’t normally experience.

· Pupils could learn to take professional photos of their work for certificate courses for Art, Technology, Home Economics, PE

· There would be links to Enterprise, Beauty Therapy, and other clubs and courses.

· Pupils would learn together with peers of different age groups

· The club would provide a lunch club for pupils

· Pupils will have the opportunity to create and display their artwork

Expected outcomes / impacts of the project / activity:

· Skills for life and work

· Improved engagement for pupils in school events such as performances and sports events.

· Improved digital literacy and visual literacy

· Improved visual communication surrounding the life and culture of the school

· Learning with peers from different ages and stages

· Confidence in using camera and lighting equipment in creative ways.

· Confidence in group work

· Understanding of careers in photography

· Understanding of artistic photography and how to display artwork

· A workshop like this could spark life-long interest in the creative arts and photography.

How is it going?

Photography Club has been a huge success and the Painting with Light workshops inspired and motivated those who took part. For example, S1 Photography Club loved the workshop. They didn’t want to stop at the end of the day and they wanted to do it again. Miss Rosie assured them that they can support her to run it again for other S1s, so they can transfer their skills. During the workshop they were really creative and confident in asking questions and adding their own ideas and spin to the photos. It was a very active experience, but also very calming to spending time in the dark with just coloured light to think about. Quite meditative for the senior pupils. And it really supported higher photography to build knowledge and vocabulary for their studies.




Today was BRILLIANT! It was so wonderful. Days like today are the reason I became an art teacher. I am certain that pupils will remember it forever, and experiences like today could be lifechanging for our kids. It could have sparked interest in a lifelong hobby, or a career!

The biggest thank you for helping us fund the workshop. I loved it, and will love teaching it again and again for pupils and teachers who are interested. I will try to run teacher CPD in study leave, and tell you when. I will plan pupil workshops at the end of terms and study leave and I’ll let you know how the peer to peer sessions go.

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