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Katie - DYW - "its been an amazing journey

11 September 2023


Developing the Young Workforce Ambassador Katie Horner from Invergordon Academy shares her experience in the role over the last 12 months and tells us more about some of her highlights.

During my time as a DYW Ambassador at Invergordon Academy, my main aim was to help young people gain an understanding of the world of work, enabling them to feel prepared and make informed decisions for their next steps in employment. Whether that be trying to find a summer job before going off to university or something more permanent, DYW enabled me to do so. This included Kirsty, DYW Co-ordinator at my school and I constantly brainstorming ideas and organising workshops and career events, which highlighted the opportunities available and helped young people gain confidence and develop skills applicable to the workplace.

DYW allowed me, as well as the people around me, to develop skills and experience relevant to our future life ambitions. I personally hope to go to university to study English using both the experiences given to me through DYW as well as my degree to pursue a career in teaching. I, along with many others were frankly surprised with the vast range of opportunities DYW provided young people with, influencing education and helping shape the future workforce Scotland needs.

Mock COP27, an event made available to young people in my school through DYW, gave us a first-hand experience in debating and political affairs and gave me my first experience in journalism and a taste of what it would be like as a career. Something I’m now extremely interested in pursuing in my future. Many other events were made available by DYW, such as Monsterfest, making us aware of the many career opportunities available in the music industry.

My time as a DYW Ambassador at Invergordon Academy has been a fantastic opportunity that I am extremely grateful for, especially being a young woman. It has opened up so many experiences that I otherwise would never have had, benefiting me in so many ways both in my future career as well as my day-to-day life. Being a young woman influencing this department allowed my experiences to be shared, taking perhaps a different approach to decision making that may not have been considered and shaping the outcomes during my time being a DYW Ambassador. It allowed me to develop my confidence and many of the skills that will be required of me as part of a workforce going forward into employment. Only due to DYW’s Ambassador programme have I been able to do this.

As a young woman this especially means a great deal as my lack of confidence before joining Kirsty, our DYW School Ambassador on this amazing journey is something that had really held me back from putting myself out there. It has empowered me and allowed me to contribute fresh and innovative ideas as well as build a strong network within the community.