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Meet the Apprentice

8 March 2023


Ricky Mackenzie, Apprentice Heating Engineer at RI Cruden started his apprenticeship journey in 2019 and is now in his final year and will qualify in June 2023. We asked him to share his story.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts off early around 6:30 and start working at 7. I am on the mechanical side of of RI Cruden so the jobs I work on are on the bigger scale. I personally mainly do MI pipe work both threaded and welded however I get a good variety of jobs between heating and plumbing. I also have worked in a variety of places and currently I am working in tongue on a biomass plantroom.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

I applied for an apprenticeship because it is a great way to learn a new trade and skills. In school I enjoyed doing metal work which sparked my interest on finding an apprenticeship. I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to develop skills throughout my time with RI Cruden.

What skills have you learnt?

I have learnt many skills since starting within my trade, including pipe fitting, welding, working with steel and copper, how different components and functions work, working along side different trades, my attitude towards my work and teamwork. These are to name a few but I am always looking to develop these more.

What’s the best bit about being an apprentice?

I am continually learning each day and getting more responsibility. I like working with the team and they have always made me feel part of it. I also like working on the commercial side seeing a project progress.

What advice would you give as a young person to a young person about becoming an apprentice?

Take the step to start a new career path and see it through to gain endless opportunities.

Greg Matheson, Heat Pump Installation Manager and Apprentice Co-ordinator at RI Cruden Ltd said:

“Ricky is now in his 4th year as a Heating Engineer Apprentice and has made remarkable progress since the beginning of his apprenticeship. He is now taking on increased responsibilities on site without any hesitation, as well as showing a keen interest in developing the areas he is still yet to master. Having been given increased responsibilities during the last year Ricky has shown an incredible work ethic throughout, including the stripping out of boilers, installation of temporary boilers and carrying out Welding and pipefitting in Commercial plant rooms.

During an apprenticeship applying yourself to college study and theory work is just as important as the time spent on site. This is something Ricky has understood and actioned form the very start and in turn he been commended highly by his college reviewer for excelling across all aspects of his course, finishing his portfolio months in advance, and submitting quality theory work alongside this. He has shown high levels of technical ability by passing college assessments first time and also in his onsite work.

Ricky is a great example of the hard work and commitment required to becoming a successful apprentice and we hope this continues in the future.”